Fatigue is frequent in patients with myotonic dystrophy. Fatigue can sometimes be caused by insufficient respiration, especially during the night (see also fatigue and lungs). If fatigue is caused by inadequate respiration during night, non-invasive ventilation/ ventilaton support may lead to improvement.
If insufficient respiration is suspected, patients can be referred to a Centre for Home Ventilation. This centre will evaluate respiration during the night.

The aim of home ventilation is to diminish complaints of fatigue, daytime sleepiness and headache, and consequently improving the quality of life. Usually the home ventilator will be connected during the night, and disconnected after waking up. The ventilation will be performed through a ventilation mask. The ventilation prevents the increase of carbon dioxide and decrease of oxygen in the blood. This will improve quality of sleep, leading to an increase in daily energy.

In the Netherlands, there are 4 centres for home ventilation, in Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht. More information about home ventilation can be found here.

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