Pain may hamper patients with small fibre neuropathy in daily life activities. Pain often is not only a direct consequence of small fibre neuropathy. It is important to discriminate the pain itself, and the consequences of having long-lasting pain. These consequences may reinforce the pain, and can be positively influenced. This may decrease pain, and thereby also decrease the impairment in daily functioning.

Some activities will be avoided because of the pain. Patients with pain are often uncertain which activities are allowed or not allowed. Less exercise, for example, will lead to a deterioration of physical condition and an increase of pain sensitivity.

Thoughts and feelings may also influence the pain. Worries about negative outcomes in the future, driven by uncertainty, may increase the pain.
If pain severely disrupts normal life, a pain rehabilitation programme can be helpful.

More information about pain rehabilitation can be found in the brochure Pain rehabilitation(in Dutch)